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Peat Fire Situation in MRP region, Central Kalimantan

(issued: July 31  2020, - revised: ???)

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PEAT Fire situation report for Mega Rice Project Region (MRP+) 

Estimated GWL is now lower than average. Shallow peat fires are expecting to begin anytime. But this year looks like a wet dry season. It means fire free year. But be careful of fire. 

 (September 5, 2020.)

Study Region (MRP+) 

See more detail:

Hayasaka, H.; Usup, A.; Naito, D. New Approach Evaluating Peatland Fires in Indonesian Factors. Remote Sens. 2020, 12, 2055.

2019 Forest Fires in Brazil



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泥炭火災、地中火 , Peat Fire, Under Ground Fire

Peat fire near Palangkaraya,
Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Oct. 21, 2006
taken by H.Hayasaka